The seminar- training on the theme

The seminar- training on the theme "Modern World Architecture" was held on May 18, at the Samarkand state architectural and civil-engineering institute

The famous Danish architect, the founder of the Gehl Architects company Jan Gale, as well as teachers and students of  Samarkand state architectural and civil-engineering institute have participated in the event.

The rector of the the Samarkand state architectural and civil – engineering institute S. I. Ahmedov stressed the comprehensive measures for the reconstruction and renovation of urban road and transport infrastructure in our country, the organization of pedestrian traffic on the streets and the movement of vehicles, based on time requirements.

The development of urban infrastructure, its transformation into a major megacity requires a better quality of life for the population, the necessary conveniences especially for pedestrians, for those who travel.

This seminar-training was organized with the aim of studying the world experience in creating more convenient conditions for a good life of the population.

According to Jan Gale, modern world architecture should be adapted to the favourable life of people, their convenient movement. One of the most widespread and effective ways in this regard is the increase of green areas, the development of a network of bicycle paths and pedestrian zones.

Jan Gail noted that Samarkand is a city rich in green boulevards, squares and gardens. This is one of the factors creating more comfortable and qualitative living conditions for the population. Everyone strives for a favourable lifestyle in the process of street traffic.

During the event, Jan Gale made his suggestions and recommendations on the measures that must be taken into account in the development of urban architecture.


The professors and teachers who participated in the seminar, the students received answers to their questions concerning the development of urban infrastructure and reconstruction of the road transport infrastructure.