Department of internal control and monitoring

Head of the department: Abdullayev Kulmamat Yusupovich  

Telephon: (8 366) 237-36-25






About the department of Internal control and monitoring
The department was established on the basis of Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education order №207 from August, 29th 2001 and to control internal inspection established at Samarkand state architecture and civil engineering institute. The department was beeing headed by K.Yu.Abdullayev. The regulations were worked out, according to it the department’s activity is carried out. Since 2004 it is called “Monitoring and internal control” department. “Monitoring and internal control” department was established for timely analysis and control purpose, fulfilling the decrees and enactments of the president of Uzbekistan, cabinet of ministers’ resolutions relevant to the higher education issues, resolutions and orders of the ministry of higher and secondary specialized education. The department implements its activity in compliance with the constitution of the republic of Uzbekistan, “National program on the personnel preparation”, law on “Education”, decrees and resolutions of the president of the republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the cabinet of the ministers, issues related to education, orders, and regulations.

Essential duties and tasks of the department:
Control and monitoring the fulfillment of laws, relevant to higher education issues, decrees and resolutions, methodological recommendations, official letters, enactments from the Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized education, orders of institute’ s scientific council;

  • Monitoring the quality of personnel preparation;
  • Control the quality personnel retraining;
  • Monitoring the implementation state standards into education process of TFI;
  • Control the data base updating, related to developing the education process;
  • Preparation the analytical materials to superior bodies (ministry, institute’s administration, scientific council) on improving and reforming the education system;
  • Control the working out fulfillment the decrees and resolutions adopted in the institute;
  • Render the methodological assistance on eliminating defaults revealed in the course analyzing the institute’s activity;
  • Work out the teacher’s assessment system;
  • Analyzing the activity of institute’s faculties, departments;
  • Controlling the institute’s resource base;
  • Presenting suggestions on eliminating defaults and solving existing problems.
  • Analyzing the fulfillment of laws, decrees, resolutions, preparation and fulfillment monthly reports and their further presenting to the ministry;
  • Control the observance of state education standards and requirements by institute’s departments;
  • Participate in all institute’s and other education institutions arrangements;>
  • Involve more qualified experts for solving problems to study the institute’s activity, require all necessary documents from faculties, departments;
  • Analyze the state of institute’s education process, data base formation, provide its renewal;
  • Preparation the analytical material for education process improvement and reforming presenting it to ministry, institute’s administration, scientific council;
  • Work out the system for providing the fulfillment of laws, resolutions, and orders, accepted in the institute;
  • Work out the methodological assistance for fault eliminating, revealed in analyzing the executing activity of the institute;
  • Work out the assessment of institute’s teaching staff to carry out the fiscal internal attestation;
  • Propose suggestions on the revealed defaults and existing problems to the institute’s administration.