Staff resources department


Head of department: Nurmukhamedova Guljahon Sadriddinovna

Phone: (8 366) 237-02-95









Functions and tasks of the Staff of the resources Department
The department of human resources is a part of the Institute. HR is based on the Charter of the Institute, in accordance with the present Charter, in its practical activities, the orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the orders and instructions of the Institute are implemented in the program. Working style, style of work, having the necessary skills and qualifications together with the management of the institute, applying decisions on education, law of the Republic of Uzbekistan, National Program of Personnel Training, Presidential Decrees, Cabinet of Ministers education and upbringing and provide staff with professional and teacher support.
In the Human Resources Department, the following tasks are carried out by types of work: 
• Working with the faculty, teaching staff, administrative and service staff; 
• Work with students and young professionals; Each unit is run by senior inspectors and inspectors independently under the guidance of the head of the HR department. 
• The Human Resources Department controls the compliance with the state order schedule and eliminates the deficiencies identified by the departments.
 • The Human Resources department must follow its internal procedures in accordance with labor legislation to upgrade their skills. 
• The head of the Human Resources department is appointed and dismissed by the rector of the institute; 
• Those who have at least 5 years of experience in higher or secondary specialized education; 
• The head of the Human Resources Department should comply with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Charter of the Institute, the Charter of the Staff Division and the Guidelines; 
• The Human Resources department has a round seal with the name of the institute.
Staff of the department:
• Supervising the determination and timing of recruitment, dismissal, change of position, competition, certification of teaching staff;
• Teaching staff and students are required to control the discipline and discipline of the institute by not enshrining the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including encouraging them, providing financial support, and imposing disciplinary sanctions. invitations to offer;
• co-ordinate staffing with the Department of Finance;
• Contacts with other higher education institutions;
• Communicating with graduates of undergraduate, graduate and graduate levels to engage in university studies;
• Supervision of carrying out of the planned work of professor-teacher, employees, students personal-working folder, T-2 cards;
• Taking control of professor-teacher, employees, issue of identity cards, reference books, timely validity of certification;
• To ensure that graduating students receive timely replenishment of diplomas and applications;
• Keeping books and accounting accurately;
• To ensure proper delivery of papers and documents by the faculty and staff of the pensions, and control over the transfer of pensions to their social security departments;
• Provides the Department of Employment and Social Protection of the population with information about quota and employee content per month;
• controlling the employment contract in 2 copies;
• Overseeing timely execution of orders for mobilization and recruitment.