Human Recourses department




Head of department: Nurmuxamedova Guljaxon Sadriddinovna

Phone:  (8 366) 237-02-95 




 Human Resources Department is considered an independent part of the SamSACEI named Mirzo Ulugbek.

- Division is guided by the Law "On Education", National Program for training, the Charter of the higher education and the university statute, regulations – documents, labor laws, orders, instructions of the Rector of the University, as well as the present Charter.
- Human Resources Department has a round seal with the inscription of the Institute and the department.
- Round seal manages the personnel manager or the person in charge appointed by the heads of department.
- Head of the Department directly manages the activities of the structures "Working with professors - teaching staff', 'Work with administrative and economic staff", "Work with teaching and support staff," "Clearance of pensions", "Working with bachelors and masters," "The Office, and archive".
- Department reports directly to the Rector of the Institute.

The main task of the department.
- Preparation and execution of the employment contract, employment record of each employee recruited and professor-teacher, as well as orders relating to their activities.
-Preparation Of project orders on hiring in the prescribed manner of the teaching staff, educational support and administrative and economic staff, their transfer to another job and dismissal from office.
- To analyze the flow of professors - faculty and staff, learning to improve the qualitative composition of the staff and the work carried out for validating them, information for use, as well as other factors related to their activities.
- Carrying out organization State certification of teaching staff, deans and deputy dean of the faculties of the Institute.
- Proposing guidance on the formation and use of reserve personnel, members of the Institute of nomenclature.
- Making proposals to management in the organization of work for the service of staff of the Institute of the Ministry of industry awards.
- Presentation of diplomas of the state sample application by order of the rector and the decision of the State Attestation Commission of persons who have mastered all the subjects listed in the curriculum and the requirements of state educational standards for undergraduate and graduate persons who have fully complied with the curriculum and state requirements for courses of training and retraining, identity of university staff.
- Acceptance, processing and storage of personal documents of students admitted to study in the prescribed manner for a certain period.
- Registration certificate, their releases of applications, identity cards to employees according to the order on the basis of normative documents.
- Departure to the established order of answers to questions in the right-enforcement agencies of all staff and students, as well as to the appropriate authorities according to the documents (certificates, its applications, certificates) issued by the Institute.
- Creation of information and analytical bank clearance certificates evidence supporting the individual employees, diplomas, the graduates of state-recognized undergraduate and graduate applications have mastered all the subjects listed in the curriculum and the State Standard of education.
- Management of primary documents related to the adoption of accounting, their studies students on approved normative documents, samples, approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
- Preparation of a static report and internal report of the Institute on specific forms.
- Preparation and submission of academic certificates, together with the educational part.
- Preparation of projects for the restoration of orders, transfer to another university, transfer to another specialty, providing academic leave for health or marital status.
- Preparation and sending personal documents of students, transforming into other universities (official request) .
- Preparation of data and providing them to the established order at the official request of the parent organizations .