Department of Academic Lyceum and Professional colleges


Head of department: Mamarasulov Shaxobiddin Mamarasulovich

Check in: from 01.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m. (Tuesday-Friday)

Phone:(0 366) 237-48-28





Tasks of the Department
Rules of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Order and decree of President organizations of implement in the way of rule of   the High meeting and establishment of ministry;
Foundation of state education standards of organizing study and study method in occupational education chair; 
Correspond  unit  means ill irate of the state education standards and Beplaced  preparation of level of the requirement assemblage trade education chief  of chair and supply of complete learning of the educator teacher.
Command of government of facial of low rank, decrees and indications, about mother concerning to process of study and decision of scientific conference and organization of doing order of rector.
Learning tendency   of way of education in advanced country, Rule of About education “National program of preparing sequence” and working methodical manual in carry out tasks be nominated in other education concerning to rules.
Advanced forms in study level of teaching, just like that distance learning, put info practice of new pedagogical and information – communicational technologies and organization to use effective;
Preparing invitation concerning of developing works to study and study method
In the academic lyceum and occupation and mastery colleges to improve activities branch of the chair similar specialty of university, preparing invitation for opening news, put info practice of pedagogical and information technologies, doing scientific and methodical works in cooperation, new equipments study process of effective using for showed methodical and practical helps organization, and their correspond to works carry out cherry actions plan base organize.
Connect to the university and cooperate AL and OMK’S finishers setting to jobs practical helps show and cherry monitoring.
Department‘s information base center has study fiction position learn and verisimilar specialty study fiction and show practical helps for electron fiction.